Brick & Stone Repairs

The Brick and Stone Masons employed by Summit are skilled in all aspects of facade conservation and restoration works. These tasks can include:

Brick and Stone Replacement
This is done carefully using salvaged matching materials. We go to great lengths to source appropriate material to ensure that replacement is well matched.

Mortar Repair
We are experts at carefully matching the colour used in the lime based mortar to ensure that it matches that used in the original mortar.

This includes “tuck” and “wigging”, “weather struck” and “flush”

Structural Repair / Replacement
Our expertise in this area includes dealing with arches, opes and chimney repairs.

Structural Crack Stabilisation
Summit are experts in the use of the Thor Helical Crack Stitching System which is used for structural crack stabilisation.

Lime Plastering and Repairs
Summit employ skilled lime plasterers who use traditional materials and rendering systems. Typically, this will involve removing the sand /cement render and re-rendering in a 3 coat lime render to allow for breathability of a facade

Surface Treatments
The application of a suitable water repellent system on a facade can help remove previous damp problems while also allowing a building to breathe